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The Veterinary Hospital recommends neutering dogs and cats, male and female, once they reach 6 months of age. If all owners had their pet neutered, the problem of stray and unwanted dogs and cats would be dramatically reduced. There is no benefit to your pet in having a litter before neutering. Your pet will not become overweight after neutering, unless overfed and under-exercised.

Your pets behavior is unlikely to be affected in a negative way. The majority of our clients have found their pets behavior to be greatly improved and they continue enjoying the same lifestyle following surgery.

As well as preventing unwanted litters, neutering your pet has health benefits. Spayed bitches and spayed female cats will not develop womb infections and are less likely to get mammary cancer. Castrated male dogs are less likely to develop prostate problems. Castrated tom cats live on average twice as long as entire male cats. Neutered animals are also less likely to wander, so are less likely to be run over, fight etc. Neutering should be the natural choice for pet owners.

What the Operation Involves:

Females: Through an abdominal incision, both the ovaries and uterus are removed. This is necessary to gain all the health benefits.

Admissions for operations are scheduled from 8 a.m. Your pet will be examined by one of our vets and then given a premed to enhance the safety of the anesthetic and help her to relax. She will have a general anesthetic for the operation, and be ready to go home around 4pm. The stitches are self-dissolving.

Your pet will need to return for a short post op check after 3-4 days.

Males: In a male dog or cat, the testicles are removed from the scrotum, which is left intact; there will be a few stitches in this area. Your pet need only be at The Veterinary Hospital from approximately 8am to 4pm. He will be sedated shortly after he arrives, have a general anesthetic for the short operation and spend the afternoon recovering. The stitches are self-dissolving. Within 2-3 days he will be back to his usual lively self.

Your pet will need to return for a short post op check after 3-4 days.

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