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The Municipality has issued a directive that, in addition to wearing the Municipality Tag, all dogs and cats must now have a microchip implanted before receiving the tag. read the Municipality Memo

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny injectable glass cylinder about 12-14mm – the size of a grain of rice. It carries a unique number that can be read by a scanner. Microchips are also called transponders.

Why should I microchip my pet?

There is only one purpose – to identify your pet – but there are many situations where this is useful and it is now compulsory in Dubai. Microchip I.D. is also useful when:

  1. Re-homing lost pets. The chip in your pet will enable vets and rescue organizations to trace you, the owner.
  2. International travel: many countries require microchips for pets entering the country. Chip numbers may have to correspond to laboratory and health reports to allow international travel.

Is the microchip procedure painful?

Micro-chipping is not regarded as a painful procedure. It is similar to a vaccination. Sedation is generally not required.

My pet already has a collar with our name and address and a tattoo number on his ear. Is microchipping still necessary?

Microchips are now compulsory in Dubai because collars are often lost and tattoos fade or can be altered. Unscrupulous individuals have even removed dogs’ ears in order to get rid of the tattoo! Collars with id are still useful but microchips are considered the most reliable form of identification and cannot be altered.

How do microchips work?

A scanner activates the chip which returns a tiny radio signal. The chip’s number is then displayed on the scanner window.

What is a scanner?

A scanner is a device used to read a compatible microchip. It may be a small, hand held device or a larger “walk through” type. It activates the microchip in the pet and displays the unique number in its window or computer display, working through hair, fur, feathers, glass, plastic, wood and many other materials.

How long do microchips last?

Microchips will last the lifetime of your pet. They do not have any moving parts. They do not carry a battery or emit radio waves (except for a moment during scanning).

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