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Min Age – 9 weeks ( both puppies & kittens ) Vaccinations info


Min Age – 2 weeks (both puppies & kittens) Worming info


Min Age – 5 months (both puppies & kittens) Neutering info

Help Save Lives

Puppies and kittens are cute, but if you allow your pets to breed indiscriminately then you are simply adding animals to the unwanted pet population. Worldwide, millions of cats and dogs are killed at animal shelters every year, usually grown versions of those “cute pups and kittens” !

It is now ILLEGAL to sell animals in the U.A.E. other than through licenced breeders. All animals offered on notice boards MUST say ‘free of charge’ or ‘free to a good home’

Many kittens & pups are being imported into the U.A.E. & then sold in Pet Shops ILLEGALLY with false paperwork.

The UAE law requires that imported animals MUST be a minimum of 4 months old & properly vaccinated.

We have recently tended to several puppies that were imported too young & not protected against fatal diseases. Sadly these animals died.

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