Veterinary Hospital Dubai

We asked our Clients what they thought of us and why they choose to trust us with the care of thier pets, this is what they had to say:

Mrs Dowie with Chloe, Claudie, Hector & Holly:

When we returned to Dubai 14 years ago we automatically returned to the Veterinary Hospital as we had used it when we were here previously between 1987 and 1992 when we had two Golden Retrievers.

We have always been very happy with the service and care that was provided. In the last 14 years the Vet Hospital has cared for 5 of our dogs and a cat.

Dr Max Spicer and his colleagues have been unfailingly professional and sympathetic, in responding to all our needs whether at sad or happy times. The new premises in Al Quoz provide a much higher level of facilities which have been purpose built to cater for all circumstance. I would always use the Veterinary Hospital and the kind services of Dr Max Spicer in particular.

 Chris Worger with Max:

I would like to thank the staff at The Veterinary Hospital for the caring and empathetic yet professional way you have all cared for Max during his short illness, especially Dr Radford.

Stu and Correna Williamson with Milo:

After several bad experiences and mis-diagonistics at other vets in Dubai, we were recommended to The Veterinary Hospital. The instant we met Dr Max Spicer we were finally confident that we had found a vet who was totally passionate about the lives of animals and not how much money could be extracted from us.

Our whole experience with Dr Spicer for both our dog and cat has always been a very good experience. We are never rushed and he always takes the opportunity to explain things fully and give options that suits our pets. Even when we had a incredibly difficult time with our dog Pippa due to heart problems and old age, Dr Spicer always made the time to phone and see how she was doing and guide us through the last months of her life. For that we will always be grateful of his support.

The other benefits for us in using TVH is the location. We find the practice in Al Quoz really easy to get to with convenient parking. All the staff are very friendly and incredibly efficient which is rare nowadays.

We have no doubt in recommending TVH to all our friends and will definitely continue to use Dr Max for all our pet care. We have such faith in the practice in all it's area's that we will never think of using anyone else.

Mrs Beydoun with Fredo:

I started using the vet hospital back in 2007 when we first moved from London just for regular check ups and vaccines for my Bichon dog Fredo. With time, my dog developed atypical cushings disease which is not common and is very difficult to diagnose, but with determination was finally detected by The Veterinary Hospital.

I chose the hospital because it opened 7 days a week and offered after hours emergency service and was very pleased with the way my dog was treated. I will continue using the vet hospital because of the excellent care they give my bichon and the fact that I have never been let down by them. Every single person in that hospital genuinely cares for my dog.

Dr Max Spicer is very friendly and I trust his judgement. He always accommodates my emergencies and calls back straight away when needed. We travel a lot and always do with peace of mind knowing that Max is around to facilitate any emergencies we might have.

Mrs Coates with Baby, Buster, Snoopy and Tabby:

I have been using the Veterinary Hospital since 1978 when I was a child taking in our dog, Paddy. Now a days I only have cats and one cat in particular who you all know extremely well - BUSTER!

If it wasn't for Ruben and Max Buster surely would have died. He got himself trapped in an empty villa a few summers ago now for 10 days. He was in the Vet Hospital for nearly a month, on a feeding tube and 4,000dirhams later was on the road to recovery.

If it wasn't for the dedication of the team and Ruben said my visits every day to see him I am sure he would have died. Ruben said his weight helped too as he was a 9kilo cat that lost half his body weight. I always highly recommend Vet Hospital to all my friends and anyone I meet who is new to Dubai.

 Mr and Mrs Park with Margot:

My husband and I just want you to know how much we appreciate all of the help and care that Dr Susanna and Dr Charlotte have given Margot over the past few months, the extent of your kindness has gone far beyond what we have experienced with any other family vet.

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